London Opening ! 


Dear Patients,


We are reopening our doors after a long period of cessation of our services as per government guidance. Unfortunately, we could not keep in touch with our patients during the lock down as our principal had full commitment on the frontline as a Consultant in the NHS. 


Our staff is back at the practice and our lines are open in order to triage the patients for relevant appointments. Face to face clinical contact is due to start on 24/07/2020.


Our principal, Kemal M Tekeli, has made quite few changes to the practice according to his experience from the frontline to ensure the practice is a Covid-Secure centre. Most advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) would be in use at the practice for routine and emergency treatments. 


We also rebranded the practice with a new website which will go live soon with the same domain address, There will be detailed information on the site about our infrastructure changes to accommodate Covid-19 pandemic consequences. 


We look forward to seeing you all with our new face.


Kind Regards,


South Bank Dentistry & Implant Clinic (used to be known as South Bank Dentists)