Southbank Dentists are open as usual.

We would like reassure you given the current situation of CORONO VIRUS (COVID-19) we have taken all precautionary measures to protect all our patients and staff members.
As we are a healthcare provider, we have strict, robust policies and procedures in place designed to help prevent the transmission of any virus or infection.

The precautions we already had in place. (Additions made since COVID-19)*

• Personal protective equipment such as: mask, gloves, aprons and goggles worn.
• Decontamination of surgeries using appropriate disinfectants.
• Sterilisation of instruments to protect cross-contamination.
• Triage of each patient before booking an appointment.*
• Update and inform on how to keep yourself safe sent to patients.*

We have an appointed COVID-19 lead whom will update the team on a daily basis on COVID-19 guidance.
For further information please refer to links below:

Daily updates:

Government response:

Diagnosis COVID-19:

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please contact us to reschedule your appointment and stay at home as per government guidelines.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Stay safe and wash your hands!

About South Bank Dentists

South Bank Dentists is a long-established dental practice in London County Hall opposite Palace of Westminster. The team was led by Dr Jan Farthing until February 2019 when the practice was sold to the current principal, Dr Kemal M Tekeli and his brother Mr Omer Tekeli. Dr Farthing decided to stay as an associate dentist afterwards.


Current principal, Kemal is a Consultant in Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. His vision is to increase the number of services provided by the practice and expand the team to involve more consultants and specialists with a strong emphasis on provision of specialist services in addition to the regular general dentistry. In this regard, Kemal decided upgrade the practice technologically and physically with the help of his brother Omer, who has become a core member of the team.


At South Bank Dentists, our aim is to deliver the highest level of dental care in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We provide specialist treatments in a range of dental specialties. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our patients recommend our dental care to their family and friends. As a result our practice continues to grow through recommendations.


As part of the expansion of the team, our new Consultant Restorative Specialist Mr Ravi Chauhan provides simple and complex dental implant treatments. Complex cases requiring bone grafting or treatment under general anaesthesia can be provided at the local hospitals.. In addition, Ravi is specialising in Endodontics and he provides specialist root canal treatment services in addition to dental implants.


Our highly specialized prosthodontist Dr Robin Amanullah is a lecturer at King's College. As part of the specialist team, he provides treatments for advanced prosthetic dental care in addition to aesthetic dentistry and complex smile makeovers.


Our Consultant Orthodontist, Prof Dirk Bister, is skilled in moving teeth and harmonising jaw relationships in order to treat misalignment of teeth and bite. Dirk provides different types of brace systems ranging from clear ceramic braces to clear aligners (Invisalign) tailoring the treatment for the specific needs of the patients. As part of his commitment to multi disciplinary approach, he works in complex jaw disproportion cases with Prof Piet Haers who is also a member of the team at the practice.


South Bank Dentists is regulated by the General Dental Council.


Care Quality Commision General Dental Council

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