Our long-established dental practice in London County Hall opposite Palace of Westminster houses a talented team of specialists, expert dentists, hygienists and nurses. We have grown to become a centre of dental excellence, providing specialist care to all our patients.

Our focus is always your care. We do all we can to make sure you receive the dental care you need, eliminating any barriers that prevent you from having the smile you deserve. With a host of specialists in house, there is no need to refer away. We collaborate fully, making sure that your treatment is as well informed and precise as possible.

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Cutting-edge dental technology and specialist services

Our current principal, Kemal, took over the clinic in 2019 with an aim to create a centre of specialist care and high-standard dental treatment. As a result, we have upgraded the practice technologically and physically. We have more specialists than ever, delivering a wide range of services that can restore smiles, treat more complicated cases and maintain the oral health of all our patients.

Restorative care and dental implants

Our highly specialised prosthodontist Dr Robin Amanullah is a lecturer at King’s College. As part of the specialist team, he provides treatments for advanced prosthetic dental care in addition to aesthetic dentistry and complex smile makeovers.

Our practice principal, Kemal, is an Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. As part of his specialist skill set, he can place implants as well as carry out any oral surgical procedure. He also is qualified in facial aesthetics, making full use of his extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy.

Combining our prosthodontic services with oral surgery, we are able to help with more complex cases where there has been significant tooth loss. We can get lives back on track, restoring a full mouth and changing lives for the better as a result.

Expert Teeth Straightening Treatment

Our Consultant Orthodontist, Prof. Dirk Bister, is skilled in moving teeth and harmonising jaw relationships in order to treat misalignment of teeth and bite. Dirk provides different types of brace systems ranging from clear ceramic braces to clear aligners (Invisalign) tailoring the treatment for the specific needs of the patients. As part of his commitment to a multidisciplinary approach, he works in complex jaw disproportion cases with Prof. Piet Haers who has an internationally acclaimed reputation as an Orthognathic Surgeon.

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We are located on the first floor of County Hall. When visiting, walk to Westminster Bridge Road and take the arched entrance into County Hall.

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