Corporate Clients

Thanks to our location in the heart of central London, we have plenty of experience with treating corporate patients. We tailor our offering around our busy patients so they can receive the care they need without having to change their routine.

Helping with insurance claims

We provide itemised bills for patients with insurance to make it as easy as possible to claim back.

Last minute appointments

Corporate patients travel a lot and we can deal with last minute appointments if they need any urgent dental care. This makes us very convenient as we do everything to accommodate them.


Corporate patients need a lot of rescheduling for appointments due to unexpected meetings. We deal with that without any extra charge.

Find Us

We are located on the first floor of County Hall. When visiting, walk to Westminster Bridge Road and take the arched entrance into County Hall.

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Southbank Dentistry & Implant Clinic
Riverside Building,
Westminster Bridge Rd
London, SE1 7PB

Tel: 020 7183 3558