At Southbank Dentistry and Implant Clinic, we can save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. We have a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics who also practices at a specialist endodontic clinic. Jassar has years of experience in saving teeth.

Root canal treatment, known as endodontics, involves removing the internal tissues from within the tooth, leaving the hard structure behind. This precise treatment can stop infection in its tracks, protecting your oral health and saving teeth.

Why choose Southbank?

While dentists are all qualified to carry out root canal treatments, Endodontists have completed additional training, making them best placed to treat infected teeth. Root canal treatment involves using very precise equipment, treating teeth at a very small scale.

Why have endodontic treatment?

Teeth can become infected when damage leaves the internal tissues, the pulp, vulnerable to bacteria. Whether through a cavity caused by decay, a deep filling or an accident, a breach in the external structure can allow bacteria to enter the tooth.

To stop the infection spreading to the surrounding gums and teeth, we will need to remove the infected pulp. Root canal treatment allows us to treat the infection and also save the tooth.

Once the pulp has been removed and the canals sealed, we then repair any damage to the tooth using a filling or a crown.

What is involved with the treatment?

Treating a tooth is a procedure spread across multiple appointments. We first need to assess the condition of the tooth and get an idea of the level of damage.

Using precise instruments, our endodontist enters the tooth to extract the pulp. The canals are then shaped and cleaned, removing any trace of the infection. The canals are sealed to prevent any bacteria entering.

We then repair the tooth, either using a composite filling to restructure the tooth or a crown for a more complete restoration.

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