Orthodontics relies on using custom-made braces and appliances to gradually move teeth to a more functional and aesthetic position. We are home to specialist orthodontists who are experts in straightening smiles and correcting bite issues. We offer a range of different orthodontic treatments, providing a choice of options so you can choose the best way to straighten your smile.

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Why have Orthodontic treatment at Southbank?

We have specialist consultant orthodontists at our clinic who have completed additional training to be registered with the GDC as specialists. They are able to provide a much more extensive service as they are experts in straightening teeth as well as alignment of the jaws in certain cases which may require jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

As we have different treatments for different cases, it helps us to see you for a consultation before deciding on what type of orthodontic treatment is for you. During this consultation, our specialist orthodontists will assess your bite and teeth alignment. They will then propose the best solutions that fit with your goals and budget.

Types of orthodontic treatment

Fixed braces

Most of us associate fixed braces with orthodontic treatment. When it comes to correcting alignment issues and problematic bites, fixed braces are incredibly effective and reliable.

A more discreet option, clear braces use clear, plastic brackets in place of metal ones and tooth-coloured wires instead of plain metal. This option is perfect for adults and teens alike who need to have braces but are worried about how they look.


For patients wishing to achieve a straight smile without worrying about how the braces look, clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are a superb method of moving teeth. These clear aligners can work for both arches. These aligners work through gradual movements achieved through a set of different aligners, each set moving the teeth a bit further each time. The number of sets needed, as well as the time it takes for the treatment, depends on the amount of movement.

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Lingual braces

These special fixed braces fit on the inside of your teeth, hidden from view when you smile. The brackets are custom-made, moulding perfectly to the shape of your teeth, providing a comfortable fit.

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