Failing Dentition

As we age, we become more susceptible to factors that cause teeth to become loose. It’s an unfortunate part of life, but there are options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures have been in circulation for hundreds of years, with present-day dentures being a secure and comfortable solution to missing teeth. Implants also provide a long-lasting alternative, fitting into the jaw where they can support a full arch replacement.

Removing failing teeth

In some cases, the best thing we can do for your smile is to remove teeth that are failing. Root canal treatment can save infected teeth, but if the tooth has become loose, removing the pulp will not be enough. Removing failing teeth can relieve tooth pain, protect the rest of the mouth if there is an infection and leave the space free for a replacement tooth.

Extractions are a very common procedure in any dental practice and our clinic is no different. Our experienced and talented oral surgeon, principal clinician Kemal Tekeli, carries out simple extractions daily. You couldn’t be in safer hands. He will also be at hand to carry out any other surgical procedures, such as placing implants or replenishing the jawbone with bone grafts.

Replacing teeth

Leaving a gap in your smile can negatively impact your oral health. The empty socket causes the bone to degrade over time. The other teeth can start to shift and move out of position, which causes problems with tooth wear as the bite surfaces don’t mesh together properly.

For a case where multiple teeth have been removed, we can use dentures or implants to replace the teeth and get your smile back to full functionality. Implants are a more secure option as they involve an artificial tooth root that fuses to the bone, whereas dentures are removable.

Full mouth rehabilitation

For patients who need to have all their teeth replaced, we can provide full mouth restorations using implants. Full arch restorations fit onto implants that are strategically placed in the jaw to fully support the new teeth. Usually, six implants are needed for the top arch and four are enough for the bottom.

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