For any teeth that are letting your smile down, we can use composite bonding to repair the damage, conceal discolouration and rebuild bite surfaces. Bonding uses the same techniques as filling teeth, repairing the damage the same way we repair teeth that have had a cavity.

Dental composite is a special material that consists of resin, plastic and glass. The composite hardens under a UV light and, when polished, has a texture just like natural enamel. We’re able to match the composite to the shade of the tooth, creating a finished result that looks just like a natural tooth.

What can composite bonding be used for?

  • Cavities
  • Repairing toothwear caused through bruxism
  • Cosmetic build-ups for front teeth
  • Black-triangle correction
  • Repairing chips and cracks
  • Concealing discolouration and white-spots

What does the treatment involve?

We only need one appointment to use bonding as we apply the composite in the practice directly to the tooth. There’s no need for us to remove any part of the tooth to accommodate the composite.

If we are repairing any damage, we may want to assess the tooth properly for any additional damage. For example, we will want to make sure that the structure of the tooth isn’t compromised or prone to infection.

We start by preparing the area where we will add the composite. A special acidic agent is applied to the surface to create a rough area for the composite to bond to. The area is cleaned and dried before adding the composite.

We colour-match the composite to the tooth that we are treating. The composite is mixed and then applied to the tooth in layers, rebuilding the tooth to recreate the bite surface. The resin is hardened under a UV light, then polished.

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