Teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference to your smile, brightening your teeth and giving your smile a youthful shine. Our teeth naturally darken with age so having a whiter smile can take that sign of age and time away. Whitening works through breaking down stain molecules that are trapped in the surface of your teeth, lightening and brightening the enamel to give those pearly whites a new lease of life.

Whitening at Southbank

We are firm believers of giving our patients as much choice as possible when it comes to cosmetic treatments. With that in mind, we offer a range of whitening treatments that work around your lifestyle and budget. We offer home whitening kits, in-surgery whitening and combination whitening.

Home whitening

Using custom-made mouth trays to whiten your smile, home whitening lets you achieve the dream shade at your own convenience. You can choose to wear your whitening trays during the day for a short amount of time or at night when you sleep.

Home whitening kits work through using a bleaching gel that is added to the tray. When worn, the gel evenly coats the teeth as it gets to work. The gel uses a safe chemical reaction to break down stain molecules through releasing oxygen. Over time, the teeth get whiter and the treatment generally takes around two weeks.

In-surgery whitening

We can achieve a beautiful bright shade in a single appointment with in-surgery whitening. The appointment usually takes around 45 minutes and involves using a special UV light to trigger the reaction in the whitening gel that we use.

Combination whitening

Some whitening systems use both home kits and in-surgery whitening. The home kits do most of the hard work in breaking down stains and lightening your teeth to a whiter shade. After a couple weeks, we then touch up your smile at the practice, tackling any stubborn stains that still linger.

Keeping your teeth bright and white

Whitening isn’t a permanent treatment as your teeth are still susceptible to stains after the treatment. Certain foods and drinks, such as red wine and coffee, leave stains. Smoking is also a factor. Having home kits means you can keep on top of your whiter smile. We offer top-up kits so you can brighten your smile up again if you start to notice it darkening again.

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