Routine Treatments

Regularly seeing your dentist for a routine dental examination will prevent issues from escalating and causing a problem for your smile. Dental examinations involve an assessment where the dentist checks for signs of decay and gum disease, keeping an eye on your oral health. These check-ups give you a chance to talk through any concerns you have and get advice from your dental expert.

At Southbank Dentistry and Implant Clinic, we take your oral health seriously and promote routine trips to see your dentist. These short appointments are essential in preventing problems and giving your teeth the best chance at a long life.

Restorative Dentistry

What does a dental examination involve?

We cover your entire oral health in the one appointment so we can check thoroughly for any issues. If it’s your first check-up in a while, we’ll want to take x-rays to assess what’s going on under the surface. We will also want to hear about any health issues that have occurred since your last check-up, if any, as they might have an impact on your oral health.

Looking after your dental health

The assessment involves checking the integrity of your tooth structures. This involves looking for decay, caries and any tooth wear caused through misalignment or bruxism (tooth grinding or clenching). If you have had any restorative work done, we make sure that any fillings, crowns or bridges are still secure and working properly.

Keeping an eye on your gums

Gum disease is a real problem if left untreated. Your dentist will look for signs of inflamed gums, the tell-tale sign of gingivitis. Your hygienist is best placed to manage gum disease and protect your mouth from issues, but we check for gum disease during your check-up so we can keep on top of your oral health.

How often do I need to see a dentist?

The average person should see their dentist every six months. For most people, this is often enough for their dentist to properly keep track of their gum health and dental wellbeing. If your oral health is in top shape and there have been no issues, we may only need to see you once a year. 

We’re seeing new patients

If you’re new to the area or want to change your dentist, you can arrange a new patient consultation with one of our talented dentist. Simply get in touch to book.

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