Restorative Dentistry

Ranging from repairing teeth with fillings to replacing a full mouth of teeth, restorative dentistry is a very broad area of dental care that covers different disciplines.

Restoring a smile that has had significant tooth loss takes specialist expertise. At Southbank Dentistry and Implant Clinic, we have a specialist prosthodontist at Southbank who can restore teeth and rebuild confidence. Whether this involves rebuilding part of the jaw, placing implants and creating a new set of teeth, we can deliver a new smile and get lives back on track.

Filling in cavities and repairing decay

Cavities occur when bacteria starts to corrode the enamel. These holes create spaces for bacteria to enter the tooth, potentially causing an infection. We treat cavities by removing the decayed part of the tooth and rebuilding the structure using a composite filling. Composite is a dental resin that is colour-matched to blend in with the natural tooth. For more extensive damage, we can use porcelain crowns to rebuild the tooth.

Restoring and replacing teeth

For teeth that have had extensive damage and need to be completely rebuilt, crowns provide a natural-looking solution. Also known as caps, crowns fit over the tooth, which needs to reshaped to leave enough room. While part of the tooth needs to be removed, the crown replaces what was lost, making the tooth look just like the natural teeth surrounding it.

We can also use a bridge to replace a missing tooth. Bridges use the teeth on either side of a gap to support a replacement tooth. The ‘abutment’ teeth are prepared through removing a layer of enamel to accommodate the crowns which fix onto the teeth, using them to support the false tooth that is fixed between them.


We are a specialist implant clinic and have an experienced oral surgeon at our practice who can place implants as well as our prosthodontist. Our specialist care means that you receive the very best standard of service when having restorative work completed. We can restore your smile, replacing teeth with the next best thing.

Implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth, supporting a crown. An implant can also support more than one replacement teeth as they form a very strong biological bond with the bone. For denture-wearing patients, implants can be used to support their dentures, creating a more comfortable and secure solution to missing teeth.

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